Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell custom models outfitted with mission packages for different purposes?

ARS is committed to working closely with our customers, creating mission packages to suit your needs.  The LT Quad flight unit is equipped with attachment hardpoints that will accommodate most mounting interfaces.  Our Open Source Sbus Data Links allow you to design and build your own mount; however, ARS can assist customers wishing to purchase pre-built mission packages.


what type of fuel do you use?

ARS units have four engines running on liquid fuel, much like an automobile.  We recommend using high-quality 91-93 Octane Premium pump gas and Red-line Two Stroke Racing Oil (40 to 1; found at most motorcycle shops).


How long and how fast can the LT fly? 

The fuel tanks hold 4.4 gallons of fuel total, allowing flight times of 4 hours.  The powerful engines put out a total of 110 pounds of thrust with a max speed of 70mph.


how long does refueling take?

Without the need to recharge batteries, turnaround is exceedingly fast with a refueling time around 10 minutes.


Why use liquid fuel rather than batteries for power?

Liquid pump gas has an energy density that far exceeds current battery technology.  A gallon of gasoline (~4.5 liters) weighs approximately 6 pounds (<3 kg) and occupies a mere 230 cubic inches but contains the equivalent of 36 kWhs of electrical energy.  Accounting for energy conversion factors, you would need nearly 90 standard 18.5v battery packs, weighing in at 120 lbs and costing over $20,000, to produce the same amount of energy you get from a gallon of liquid fuel.  These energy savings mean the LT Quad generates better performance metrics in every arena.


How much does the LT Quad weigh?

Base model flight units weight in 28lbs (12.7kg).


Is it very noisy?

The gas engines do make ARS units slightly louder than typical battery-powered drones.  ARS Hush Kits are currently in development; please Contact Us to learn more.


How much does it cost? How much build time do they require?

The basic LT Quad will start at about $37,000, with a  build cycle of ~2 weeks.  Visit our Purchasing Page to learn about current rewards and incentives.


How much experience does the pilot need? Do you provide operator training?

The LT Quad's relatively large size provides greater in-flight stability than smaller hobby drones, meaning they are easier to fly.  Operators will still require a Part 107 Drone Pilot's License and proficiency in flight.  Aerial Robotic Systems or any of our dealers are happy to provide training on your Quad; please Contact Us for details.


How long will it last? What kind of routine maintenance does it require?

The air frame is designed for a life of 2500 flight hours. Engines come with a 3-year warranty against defects, but will still need to be overhauled in the 100-250 hour time frame.  All replacement parts for the engines and airframe are readily available.


Do you build any quadcopter models suitable for hobby drone enthusiasts?

ARS quadcopters are built to be workhorse drones, designed with commercial applications in mind.  We do not currently offer models smaller than the LT Quad.


How do i become an ars dealer?

We require a purchase of a standard LT Quad so you can demonstrate and train your customers in operations.  Contact Us for more information.




Still have questions?

Customer satisfaction is our priority.  We are here to help!