New website and tank you's all around!!!!

The new web site is up thank you to Leah Grunzke for all the hard work.  I am absolute horrible at spelling and composition and most everything English.  If you read this blog you’ll find that when I trick the auto correct spelling 4~5 times I give up and let you the reader use your superior decifcering skills to come up with the right spelling. 

Your forewarned.

I also need to thank all that have helped ARS for the last two years getting the prototype built and keeping the programming plugging along.  My partner in ARS Pork Lewis and his son Jebb Lewis, each have a black book full of contacts that are willing to help conquer technical roadblocks.  And EdgeCam for providing Cam software to cut out the aluminum parts on the fifth prototype which we are now in the process of building.

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