Had a huge week of preparing parts for the LT Quad construction

I spent a ton of time doing CAD work on SolidWorks,  I have a 2014 seat and guess what? its not compatable with windows 10.  I have been using SoildWorks for many years and I really like 2014.  So I was having some troubles with the large multi-body prt file I was creating.  Called the good people from Quest Integration and they talked me though some settings and it works now.  Also had them give me a quote for SolidWorks 2018...my jaw dropped at the $5000.00 price tag!  Things to get down the road. I'll need it sooner than later, really don't mind supporting a company that you can call and get GOOD PROPER help right away, for free, on out of date software!  Thanks guys!


I learned a lot about how to design 3d printed parts that don't take forever to print. There is art to it. Also did some structural analysis on one of the main structural parts. I used 50 pounds of force; there are four in each quad sharing the 110 pounds of thrust, so 50 pounds is just barely OK.  I also like to add a safety factor, 2.5 is normal, and the part didn't deform and fail the way I thought it would.  So I added two very small cross braces were it was showing signs of failure and wow.  At a 10X safety factor the part didn't show total failure,  Yes the bolts are showing some elongation of the holes, but at 10X over stress.  I'll take it.

Other neat thing i learned this week about 3d printing using Ideal Maker.  I can put a pause in the print cycle so I can add inserts to the print and have them permanently trapped.  Going to use this for the fuel filler and vent part.  I Have some 3/8" PTFE balls that I will print into the structure of the fuel filler/vent.  This will keep the fuel from sloshing out.