3D printing

3D printing has been something I have had done in the past, using several flavors of plastic and process.  I made the command decision to use 3D printing of some of the major structural parts of the next prototype of the LT Quad.  OK, so I'm on the 6th major design and I have lost count of the variations of each design. This design is all about NylonX structural parts.  NylonX is a chopped carbon fiber filled nylon 12 filament. 

I have a lot of learning yet to do.  But let me tell you some of the grand things I'm planning. 

3D printing allows the design to incorporate multiple functions into single parts.  One part will do the following:

  • gear leg mount
  • engine mount
  • engine mount reducer bushing
  • fuel pump mount
  • return line
  • fuel tank sump
  • fuel tank pick up plumming
  • fuel tank end cap

That's a lot of functionality for one part to be tasked with.  And its all achievable with 3D printing.