Second 3D printer

OH My,  

How many printers does a guy need?  According to my planed production of the LT I'll need six.


I ended up getting a second Raise 3D printer, these are just beautiful machines.  However Old Dominion freight is not a good freight company if you want a reliable delivery time.  

Purchased the printer last wednesday and payed to have it delivered friday so I can print all week end and let some of the longer prints go while I'm at work.  Friday came along and no printer; tracking number showed it sitting on the dock in Billings.  A quick call to the Billings hub and got three excuses from two people.  Here they are...OD did not ship it up to Lewistown today because the truck broke down, there wasn't enough cargo to drive up to Lewistown, and one other excuse of weather.  So I did the only thing a busy guy can do and that is drive the two hours to Billings on dry roads and pick up the printer, drive home and set it up and begin printing. 

That's over and printing continues.  Will have all the parts printed by Wednesday.