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One great thing about ARS is that unlike the bulk of UAV manufacturers who operate in a fairly narrow vertical market, we see possibilities in a wide horizontal market.  This is due to the power and mission possibilities of our UAVs.  When you can lift more and fly longer, whole new vistas of opportunities are opened.  For example, some UAV marketers mention “search and rescue” missions as a capability of their drone.  But their drone has a flight duration of maybe twenty minutes.  That means it can fly “out” for ten minutes only, because it needs the other ten minutes to get back to base for a battery switch.  What’s more, the drone can probably carry only a pound or two of rescue cargo; medicine, cell phone, weapons and ammo, water, food, life vests, snow shoes, etc.  Does that sound like the right vehicle for search and rescue?  Probably not.  And if not, they shouldn’t be in that market.  Ditto for missions as simple as package delivery; minimal lift capability, temporary communications platform; minimal flight duration, utility inspections; again, minimal flight duration, border and industrial security; once again, they can’t fly long enough to be really successful.  It just isn’t complicated.  If you can lift more and fly longer, you will do a better job, whatever the mission.  Comments to

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