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Noel and I have spoken before about the direction of our efforts at Aerial Robotic Systems.  We mean to produce a UAV not just capable of carrying sensors, or a forty-pound camera, or providing a communications platform for first responders, or seeding a field or spraying a crop, or patrolling the perimeter of an installation, or of staying airborne for hours rather than minutes and assisting in search and rescue missions.  No!  ARS is producing a UAV capable of all the above, and more. If you envisage earning a living with your UAV but think you will need different units to accomplish different missions, no, you probably won’t.  The ARS-LT, with a few modules, may be the only unit you will need.  And by the way, that LT, for “light” was only an in-development designation.  As we close in on beginning actual production of our bird, it’s time to give it the correct name.  It is the ARS-Flex. As flexible as a ballerina. [or a politician]   Pork Lewis, GM ARS.

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