the Possibilities

a workhorse drone with extraordinary flight-time capabilities, the lt quad can replace manned helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft on a vast array of missions.  simply attach your mission package to the lt's hardback and away you go.


What can The LT Quad do for you?


From lighting backfires to distributing fire retardant, surveying active burns and providing mobile communication relays, ARS quadcopters aid in fire supression while keeping crews at a safe distance.

wildfire supression

Search and rescue operations rely on wireless communication technology to save lives. The LT Quad’s four+ hour flight duration capability makes it a temporary communication relay platform which can be launched and retrieved from any disaster area. By keeping the payload airborne for the longest time possible, the LT Quad directly supports first responders’ communications on the ground while they conduct their search.

search & rescue

ARS models can deliver water, medical supplies, food, cell phones and other requirements to disaster victims much cheaper and in many cases faster than helicopter missions can be organized.

Disaster Recovery


Able to accommodate heavy camera equipment and travel distances unheard of - until now.  The LT Quad can easily be equipped with high end, multi-spectrum Gyro-stabilized cameras.  Cinematographers, aerial photographers and land surveyors no longer require expensive helicopters to meet their needs. 

Suitable for livestock inventorying, crop spraying for noxious weeds, fertilizer distribution, and getting that forgotten tool to where it’s needed. Perfect for reseeding fire-ravaged hillsides and pinpointing those fields in need of special attention.


Monitor and track invasive plant populations or species of concern, gaining critical  insight on movement patterns, habitat utilisation and population demographics. Make more informed land management decisions through the ability to collect data from remote locations where agencies rarely have the resources to access.

Wildlife & vegetation Monitoring

ARS units are robust enough to capture, disable or destroy unauthorized drones in airport corridors, assist law enforcement with traffic control, monitor borders and provide security for industrial sites.


Sensor Data Collection

The LT Quad replaces the rotary-wing aircraft typically used to carry data collection hardware, resulting in huge monetary savings.  As a VTOL aircraft, the LT Quad can be launched near the target area, eliminating the need to operate from landing fields. 

utility Inspection & servicing

Whether locating downed power lines, repairing turbines or inspecting faulty equipment, ARS drones eliminate the hazards to humans and are quicker to respond: no helicopter and no pilot needed.

ARS units will comply with military required attributes; Autonomy, Modularity, Data Protection, Anti-Tamper, RAMS, Human Factors, Environmental and Life-Cycle Cost and Logistics/Maintenance.

Military Applications