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    LT Quad Purchasing

    Initiation Rewards Program


      ARS is currently designing and improving upon the LT Quad model.  As we move through the prototyping and pre-production phases of development, we want to offer our customers the opportunity to reserve production slots.  Our Initiation Rewards Program lets lead buyers take advantage of serious savings while preliminary development moves forward.

      ARS is now offering a second secure way to buy the LT Quad utilizing an escrow account service.
      Choosing this method of reserving a production slot we are offering a 5% discount for the secure down payment of $3,700.00.  The escrow account is released to ARS upon the First Production ready LT Quad.  Production Slots will be issued in order of deposit.

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      How it works

      Prospective buyers have the option of purchasing a front line production slot with a non-refundable deposit, in exchange for exclusive savings and upgrades once production begins.  Participating buyers in all Rewards Program Tiers receive:

      • Discounts on LT Quad Airframe Purchases
      • Free Flight Controller Upgrades
      • Free Mission Package Design
      • Free Upgrade to Optimized Props

      Rewards Program phases


      Definitions & Details

      1. Deposit is non-refundable, to be applied toward final purchase price.  Deposit amounts increase upon ARS advancing to the next tier of development.
      2. ARS Development Benchmarks to be completed prior to advancing to the next tier:
      • phase 1: ECU Completion

        • Engines kept at idle during manual starting sequence enabled through the FrSky telemetry. 
        • 2 minute warm-up period and successful hand off to Pixhawk. 
        • Successful monitor of engines while engines are controlled by Pixhawk. 
        • Successful shutdown of engines and signal output to emergency channel if one engine dies while under Pixhawk control.
      • phase 2: Flight test completion

        • Tethered Flight 2~6'
          • Pixhawk auto-tuning
          • Stability +/-5' in hover
          • Auto-to-manual flight switchover
          • On-the-fly wireless update
          • Emergency cut-off
          • GPS point hover with crosswind to determine max crosswind component
          • Fuel consumption with different gross weight take offs
          • Endurance testing
        • Free Flight
          • Determine max density altitude at 55 lbs gross weight
          • Settling with power profiles
          • Waypoint-to-waypoint autonomous flight
          • Flyway safety protocols
          • Geo-fence
      • phase 3: flight controller Prototype, building of Pre-production test article

        • Flight controller complete
          • ECU integration
          • Long range telemetry
          • Mission package Sbus open source output
        • See & Avoid implementation
          • Ground safety
          • In-flight safety
        • Starter/Generator implementation
          • Flight impact of power generation
      • phase 4: testing complete

        • Flight testing reevaluation
        • Standard Props
        • Optimized Propellers
        • Maintenance Manual Completion
        • Flight Manual Completion

      3. Discount applied toward final purchase price


      Learn more about the Initiation Rewards Program